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A New Local Company Helped Me Craft the Perfect Dating Profile

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

“Why do you think your first relationship failed?” I’m asked. My eyes are closed while a makeup artist tilts my head back, applying thick layers of creamy foundation to my cheeks and forehead. I am not used to being on this side of an interview, nor am I used to wearing so much makeup. Normally, I am the one with questions typed out, planned, a pencil in hand. The man questioning me patiently waits for my response. Why do you think your first relationship failed? he asks again.  I mumble something about it fizzling and young love, and staying friends, and then failing to stay friends. “Hmm,” he responds, jotting down notes. “And what would you look for in a man now?” The makeup artist asks me to please keep my eyes closed.

The man in front of me is Justin Brown, former CEO of Brown Modeling Agency. He has just launched Perfect Profile, a new Austin dating resource that promises to “help singles showcase their best selves online.” I am not single. I have been in a steady relationship for five years with Matthew, a guy I’ve known since I was 13. But they offered to try out their package deal on me—which includes time with a makeup artist, a wardrobe consultation, a photography session, advice from a dating coach, and a perfectly written dating bio­—and I was interested in the prospect of a transformative makeover.....

Try Perfect Profile out for yourself: From now until Feb. 14, enter to win a full makeover experience including a profile revamp, a professional makeover, & photoshoot.

Launched in January, Perfect Profile offers $1,800 makeovers, which include time with a stylist, photographer, dating coach, and more.

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