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Wait! Don't Start Your Dating Profile Yet

Why creating your dating profile could ruin your chance to meet your perfect match.

If you are anything like many of our clients, you are anxious to see what kind of people you may encounter when first getting on a new dating app. You rush through and put some filler photos and wrote a half hearted bio and don't fill out much of my criteria. From there you quickly started swiping and filtering my potential matches marveling at what potential await you. Unfortunately, unknown to you as every minute goes by you are digging a deeper hole that you may never recover from.

Here is why this is a big mistake. Besides missing out on potential amazing matches while your filler profile is up, most dating apps are running a behind the scenes algorithm trying to figure out what matches you are potentially most compatible with. We don't know how exactly they do this but the simplest way is to see at what rate do people want to match with you and pair you with people closer to your level of desirability. As you can see, if you start with a profile that does not represent you in the best possible way your, lets call it, "desirability score" may be lower, filtering you out to a more desirable group of matches.

All may not be lost. If you fear you may have already committed this error, you may be able to delete your profile and start again from scratch. Keep in mind more sophisticated apps may still remember you if tied to a phone number or email address. If signing up with your social media account or attaching it to your profile has already been done it may not be that easy. It may take time for the algorithm to adjust and showcase you to the level of matches you are hoping for.

If you haven't started a profile yet please make sure you carefully consider every aspect of your online image prior to going live. For more advice on creating your Perfect Profile, click here. Good luck to finding your perfect match.


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